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Otres Beach

Otres Beach, heaven in Sihanoukville

Posted on: January 12th, 2017

After some good nights of partying in Sihanoukville are you now looking for some rest and a nice place to chill out? Or maybe you never came to Sihanoukville because you thought it’s a busy place full of tourists and only bars as scenery? We have good news for you, the heaven on earth called Otres Beach is just around the corner, always quiet and with some sort of hippie feeling to give you plenty of peace and relaxed vibes!


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Secret Tourist Destinations in Cambodia: Koh Ta Kiev

Posted on: April 24th, 2016

Last year my Khmer New Year celebrations were pretty intense. I went to Sihanoukville and partied until all hours of the morning, caught up in the energy and happiness of the occasion. Khmer’s do really know how to throw a party. This year however, as I entered my second year in the Kingdom I wanted something a little bit more relaxing for my holiday in Cambodia and was desperate to find more secret tourist destinations in Cambodia.

I wanted beaches without people and bars, ruling out Sihanoukville. I toyed with the idea of Thailand but was held back by budget constraints. In the end Koh Ta Kiev was put to me and my girlfriend Evie by another couple we know.


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Our Pick of the Best Beaches in Cambodia

Posted on: April 16th, 2016

At CamboTicket we aspire to provide you with the best Cambodia travel advice possible, from transport, to planning the perfect Cambodia holiday and we are excited to present our pick of the 5 Best Beaches in Cambodia.


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